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Community videos

Learn how to manage Kubernetes clusters at scale with Portainer Business

In this video ThatDevOps guys dives deep into the features of Portainer Business that make multi-cluster Kuberentes management easy for a whole team.

Ultimate Media Server : Episode 1 – OpenMediaVault, Docker & Portainer

In this video we’ll look at setting up the ultimate home media server on Docker using a LattePanda Delta 432. While this video was made using a LattePanda Delta, this will work on any x86 system.

How to manage Kubernetes & containers with Portainer

Today I finally get my hands on Portainer.This one was very impressive. Portainer is brilliant for managing local docker containers and Portainer also supports management of Kubernetes clusters.In this video we take a look at all the features and capabilities.

Let’s Learn Portainer

Join Saiyam Pathak (Portainer Ambassador), in an informal chat with Neil Cresswell, Co-Founder and CEO of Portainer. In this video we discuss –Motivation and vision behind PortainerWe explore Portainer Features and how can we use itWe discuss both CE and BE editionWe also talk about community involvement

Portainer 2.0 — Now with more Kubernetes!

What’s new in Portainer 2.0? Well, a ton. With the release of Portainer 2 you now have the option to install Kubernetes. This makes installing, managing, and deploying Kubenetes really easy.

Portainer Install Ubuntu tutorial – manage your docker containers

Portainer Install Ubuntu tutorial, let’s have a look at how to install Portainer on an Ubuntu server. Portainer CE is a free and open-source tool that manages all your docker containers. It has a nice clean web UI where you can inspect and control all your docker resources.

How to Install Plex on Docker using Portainer

This quick video will walk you through installing Plex Media Center on Docker using Portainer.

Great Things with Great Tech – Episode 8 – Portainer

In this episode I talk with Neil Cresswell, Co-Founder of Portainer. Portainer works by hiding the complexity that makes managing #containers hard behind an easy to use GUI.

Portainer – Lightweight Management UI for Docker

Portainer is a lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your different Docker environments (Docker hosts or Swarm clusters).

Portainer 2.0 – Updating to the Newest Version

In this post we’ll look at how to update Portainer from version 1.24.1 to 2.0. To update Portainer to version 2, we’ll need to open an SSH program. I’ll be using Putty.

Portainer videos

How To Build a Kubernetes Environment - the Easy Way (Episode 1)

In this session, (the first of our PortaiNerd series), you'll learn how to use Portainer to build a powerful, secure, multi-cluster Kubernetes environment, that anyone can use.

How To Automate App Deployment using Portainer and Git (Episode 2)

In this episode, (the 2nd of our PortaiNerd series), you'll learn how to use Portainer (integrated into Git) to automate the deployment of apps as part of your DevOps workflow.

How To Create a centralized identity and access management layer with Portainer (Episode 3)

In this episode (the 3rd of our PortaiNerd series), you'll learn how to create a centralized identity and access management layer with Portainer.

How To Use Portainer as a Collaboration Platform for Developers (Episode 4)

In this episode, (the 4th of our PortaiNerd series), you'll learn how to use Portainer Business as a collaboration platform for Developers.

Welcome to Portainer - Fast & Easy Container Management GUI

Portainer Community Edition (CE) is an open-source tool for managing container-based applications across Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm and Azure ACI environments.

How-to: Connecting Portainer to Multiple Endpoints using the Agent

In this video, you will learn how to connect multiple endpoints via the Portainer agent to a single standalone instance of Portainer deployed on Docker.

How-to: Deploy Portainer on MicroK8s

Discover how easy it is to deploy Portainer in Kubernetes with the latest version of MicroK8s.

How-to: Using Portainer to manage Azure Container Instances

In this video, I am going to demonstrate how to add an Azure ACI instance to Portainer as an endpoint.

Portainer Business Launch – Simplifying Container Management for Businesses

Welcome to Portainer Business, a new product from Portainer, designed to simplify container management for businesses. Discover the new features including role-based access control (RBAC), registry management, external authentication, and advanced security controls for Kubernetes – all designed with security and compliance in mind for the business user.

How-to: configure and use MACVLAN with Docker Swarm in Portainer

Want to know how to deploy and configure MACVLAN in Docker Swarm and avoid IP address conflicts? Watch this short video and we will show you how in Portainer.

How-to: Use the Portainer volume browser feature

Ever wanted to copy files into or out of a container’s persistent volume? Well using the Portainer agent and Portainer, you can do so… watch the video to learn how; and also the “catch” in regards to this feature with NFS.

Discover Portainer for Kubernetes – 4 Min Overview Video

Discover how easy it is to deploy and troubleshoot apps in Kubernetes with Portainer. If you’re looking for a Kubernetes dashboard or Kubernetes monitoring from an easy GUI, check it out.

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